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The Arvada Police Department is looking for people who are a breed apart from the typical applicant. We are currently accepting applications until July 20 for Certified/Lateral Police Officer and Police Recruit, for the Spring Academy starting in January 2019. If you have strong character and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, the APD wants to hear from you. Live in and serve a just outside of Denver and nestled near the Rocky Mountains.

Lateral Police Jobs

Earn Up To $6,935/month Plus Awesome Benefits

Police Recruits

Earn Up To $4,647/month with Advancement Opportunities

Civilian Police Jobs / Non-Sworn

Administrative staff and others are essential to making sure APD is the best it can be.

Why Arvada?

Colorado is a beautiful state. As you explore your policing career in Colorado, imagine being located just minutes from the Rocky Mountains and the heart of Denver.

Police Career Paths

Police Jobs are Diverse. Explore Your Career Options.

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Animal Control Police Job Satisfaction

Animal Management

Our community includes those with paws!

A traffic cop in Colorado


Looking out for Arvada 24/7

Colorado Regional SWAT


Serving the front range

Arvada School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer

Protecting and serving the youngest in our community

Detectives in Arvada Colorado


Is Sherlock Holmes your hero?

Police property job example

Crime Scene Investigation

Solving Crimes with Science

Community policing in Arvada Colorado

Community Impact Team CRIT

Proactive Community Policing

A field training officer

Field Training

Mentor the Next Generation

Examples of drugs found by VICE in Arvada Colorado

Special Investigations

Combat VICE crimes with local, state, and federal partners

Dispatch doing their job


Be the community's first contact

Traffic cops doing their job in Colorado


Keeping People (and streets) Safe

Arvada K9 service member


Highly Effective Human and Canine Teams

A location where PST professionals work

Police Services Technician

Serving the Public and Police

Police records working


Maintaing Vital Records

Police training instructor in Arvada Colorado

Training Instructor

Teaching Arvada's Finest

A portrait

"The Arvada Police Department is committed to the philosophy and principles of community-oriented policing. We want to hire people who understand what community policing is all about, while at the same time, understand and address the criminal element in our community to make Arvada a safe place where people can live well. Does this sound interesting to you?" - Police Chief Don Wick
(See the Chief's full Welcome Message)

Why the Arvada PD? a legacy of excellnce

Setting the standard since 1945

The Arvada PD, named a CALEA Flagship agency, is proud of its accreditations, internal standards, and strong community relationships. Our dedication to excellence began generations ago. If you become a police officer in Arvada, Colorado, you will be building on a legacy of greatness.

We Stand Above the Rest


Our department has been CALEA certified since 1986. Every one of our officers has a bachelor's degree or better.

Training and Equipment

World-class training for rescues, driving, firearms, and more. Cutting-edge mobile technology, state-of-the-art cars, and uncompromising safety gear.

Community Policing

Strong community relations make us who we are. We're in touch with those we serve 24/7 in person and online.

Right Size. Right Place.

The Arvada PD is the right size - a strong force with room to grow. Located minutes from Denver and the Rocky Mountains, we're fortunate to have an idealic location.

Historic Colorado Policing

Your Future. Your Choice.

What Police Jobs at Arvada PD Other Colorado Agencies*
Exciting Careers
Opportunities for Growth
Continuous Lateral and Certified Positions
Recruits Get Paid
Annual Scheduling
FREE Uniforms, Dry Cleaning, and More
10% Retirement Match
Award-Winning Training
World-Class Technology
Mountain Views

* Every agency is different. If you're looking for the full package, and have the character to earn it, Arvada PD is the place for you.

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Start Your Colorado Police Career

If you're interested in becoming a cop in Colorado but want a real career, the Arvada Police Department wants to hear from you. Yes, we have high standards. But if you have what it takes, we want you to be part of our legacy of excellence. If you've explored open police jobs, policing career paths, and are ready to work for the best - get in touch with us today. Find us online, call us, or come visit.

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